Navigating the 5 C’s, part 4: Itinera Aeneae

Map of journeys of Aeneas from Troy to Latium

Map from

This post concludes the series covering our 2012 ACTFL presentation; you may want to read the IntroductionPart 1Part 2, and Part 3 first.

This is more of a pre-AP level activity which can be used as an introduction to the locative if it comes late in your textbook (as in the Cambridge Latin course) or it can be used as a review of expressions of place.

Unlike the previous parts of this presentation, there is a full PowerPoint available (coming soon), as well as the slides from ACTFL. Please be sure to view the presenter notes on the ACTFL slides.

The presentation concludes with a few remarks with brief suggestions for other activities.

Itinera Aeneae Keynote file with presenter notes, zipped Itinera Aeneae pdf with notes


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