Using Technology for Good in the Latin Classroom

Here (at last) is my presentation on using technology in teaching Latin, delivered at the American Classical League Institute in June 2015. It describes the advantages of integrating technology as a way both to increase engagement and to improve learning. The goal is to motivate students to spend more time reading and writing Latin by means of creative digital projects and auto-correcting, game-like activities. Fuller discussion is included on extra slides in between the actual presentation slides.

(I found quite a few shocking typos in revising this for the blog, but please let me know if you notice others).

32 MBACL2015_Tech-for-Good_Livingston_2015-11-20
Roman boy with tiger says "Salve, mater" while Roman woman screams.

Comic panel made in Halftone2 iOS app

Bonus: a little montage of original photo to finished comic panel; you will see that the projects proposed in the presentation do not need to be this elaborate (most are just against the orange backdrop), but if your students want to geek out, why not?. First panel is the original photo (my usual orange plastic cutting board would have blended in with the tiger, so I stuck a sheet of white paper behind the figures); second panel shows two images (wall and floor) combined to form a new background; third panel has speech bubble and other text added. The perspective is weird, but the point is the Latin, not the art.

original, new background, text added

From original photo to comic.

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