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Classical to the Core, part 1: Imperium Romanum

Part 1 of the presentation delivered at ACTFL 2013 in Orlando. This part of the presentation suggests ways to introduce beginning students to the extent of the Roman empire and to coins as a primary source.

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Classical to the Core, Intro

Here are the introductory remarks from our presentation “Classical to the Core: Latin as the Linchpin to the Standards” at the 2013 ACTFL annual convention. The full presentation, broken into sections, will be provided in subsequent posts.
Please note that although we point out how various learning activities support specific Common Core Standards, the ideas contained within the body of the presentation can be used in any Latin classroom.

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deCordova sundial

A sundial with a Latin inscription

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Latin in the work of Ian Hamilton Finlay

The work of Scottish artist and poet Ian Hamilton Finlay often includes text, classical references, or both. This post shows examples of classical quotation and original Latin in his work, which can be a model for a student project.

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Motor Bus, declined

“The Motor Bus” is a macaronic poem that combines Latin with English by treating “motor bus” as a second declension noun modified by a third declension adjective.

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